Our mission is to provide assistance and support to persons with developmental disabilities so they may enjoy all the comforts and pleasures of living in their own homes, participating in their neighborhoods and communities, participating in the world of work, and living full, rich lives which meet their emotional, social, and recreational needs.


Peggy McFarlin

Our History

Better Living welcomed its first client in 1997.  Since that time, BLI has expanded to approximately 80 clients, 85 staff, the opening of a Day Service Center, and over 15 residential locations across Omaha.  Privately owned, BLI aims to provide services unparalleled in the industy.

Client Centered

Better Living, Inc. uses a client centered approach.  Each client has individual needs, wishes, and behaviors. A client-centered approach means that we tailor our programs, activities, and other operations around our clients as much as possible.